Auto Approve Scrapebox Lists

Daily auto approve scrapebox lists for free. Scrapebox can be used to send automatically published trackbacks and comments. You can use this as a part of your link building campaign.

What are auto approve Comments?

On blogs you can comment at the bottom. There you mostly find a comment form looks like this:

Here you can leave a comment and put your website into the website form field. After the comment is sent the name will be used as anchor the your website. Thats the way you can leave keyword rich anchor links at web blogs.

What are auto approve Trackback / Pingbacks?

A trackback is send by your CMS (drupal,wordpress etc)  to all blog posts that has been linked in your blog post. So the linked source gets a notification it has been linked to. Mostly it will automatically leave a link to the source.

A trackback or pingback can look like this:


This is another good way to gain a hughe amount of backlinks because the comments are mostly moderated or disabled. But a lot of blog owner misses to disable the trackbacks.

Auto Approve Scrapebox Lists

If you are interested in auto approve scrapebox list you should consider to buy one. Because it is really time consuming to generate one by yourself.

If you have no idea how to use scrapebox or how to get suchs lists working you should better buy comments and trackbacks.

Two really good sources are and .


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